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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Orange Pomanders - A fun easy project for the whole family!

I have been making these for years and it just doesn't seem like Christmas until we have made a few orange pomanders.  I love the cheery orange and green color they add to the holiday decor, and the citrus clove aroma is amazing!

It is a fun, easy project to make with the kids.  This is a good time to sit, turn on some Christmas music, and enjoy each others company while you make something fun for the holidays.  This would have been a great family Thanksgiving activity (maybe next year).

You will need whole cloves (I like to buy them bulk as they are less expensive that way), pencil or some kind of poking device, rubber band, firm oranges or limes, ribbon (optional embellishment).

You can make any design on the orange that you desire.  Stars, dots, your initials, stripes, or whatever your creative little head can think of.  If you want to make a stripe around the orange, placing a rubber band around the orange will help as a guide.
Using the pencil or skewer, start poking little holes where you want the cloves to go.  If you don't pre-poke the holes, it can be very challenging to get the cloves into the orange. This step will save your finger tips and make it much easier for the little ones.

Now simply poke the pointed end of the cloves into the orange until you are satisfied with your creation.  To release the rubber band from the orange without messing up the cloves, just cut it with the scissors.  Embellish the pomander with ribbon, twine or leave it plain.
Some people will preserve their pomanders by using orris root and spices, however, I am satisfied with the amount of time they last (2-3 weeks) without it.  I have tried preserving them, but wasn't thrilled with how they looked.  Yes, they will last longer and the scent will last longer, but they are not as pretty and they turn kinda brownish.

There you have it, a quick rewarding activity for yourself and your family.  Now place your pomander somewhere where it can be SEEN, SMELT and ENJOYED!


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