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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crossover Slippers

Slip your tootsies into these bad boys!
Foot Hugging Comfort
My Crossover Slipper Pattern is finally ready to go!
I have had this slipper sketched and in my head for months.  I found myself with a little spare time the last few weeks, so to the drawing table and sewing machine I went.  These slippers turned out to be as comfortable as I had hoped for and they are one of my easiest slippers yet to make.

I used a lightweight leather piece for the sole of one set. They turned out quite nice.  Sewing on leather is quite easy and enjoyable.  HMMMMMM what can I make with leather now?

Get out your sweater stash and get busy.  By the way, any good finds (WOOL SWEATERS that is),  at any garage or tag sales?  Remember this is the season and a great way to get your wool sweaters dirt cheap.

These slippers would make great Christmas gifts you know?  Just think of all the fun color combinations you could come up with.

You can find this pattern at my Craftsy or Etsy shops.

For some tips on how to felt wool sweaters, check out this post.

TIP:  WHEN CUTTING OUT YOUR WOOL SWEATER PROJECTS.......KEEP ALL THE SCRAPS. (Even the littlest pieces).  I will be posting a tutorial on what you can use these for coming up real soon, so stay posted!


  1. These are the best patterns. Thank you so much for making them.

  2. These look so comfortable! I recently took up knitting as a hobby; designing my own clothes, but I have yet to try knitting slippers. Sure, there are plenty of slippers for women on the market today but it's sometimes better to have the self-satisfaction knowing that you've made your own product. I can't wait to try this crochet project! Thanks!

    1. Delores, thanks so much for your interest in the slipper pattern, however, it is for sewing and not crochet.

      I would love to be able to design a crochet slipper pattern, but that is not my specialty.


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