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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's Mitten Time

In my neck of the woods things are getting a little chilly.  How about yours?  Time to get out the mittens.

If you are lacking when it comes to a COZY, hand hugging, warm, FUNCTIONAL pair of mittens, it is time to get a new pair.
Keep your hands warm with style this winter!

If you sew, these mittens are very easy to make, and at this time of year just think of all those you could make a pair for CHRISTMAS!
Get out your wool sweater stash, or find a sweater that you just don't wear anymore and upcycle it into something fabulous, like MITTENS.  Fleece also works very well.


Sizes for the LITTLE hands.

The FINGERLESS mittens allow your  fingers to be exposed so you can keep your hands warm and still do more functional things.  These make a great driving glove.


Mix & match different colors and textures of your sweaters to make a pair of fun whimsy mittens.

This is a pair of mittens made by an Etsy customer - Grace.
Here are a few comments left on my shop regarding the mitten patterns:

Thanks so much! I LOVE these patterns! :)
Easy to understand instructions with a superior pattern (I know, I've tried other mitten patterns). thanks!  

Having sizes child's to men's was a plus. The directions are clear and the fit is great. Thanks! 

 Love this mitten pattern. Am making Christmas gifts in several sizes, and my girls keep wanting each pair I make! 

 Great pattern, easy to follow instructions and fun to make. This pattern makes beautiful mittens that fit well!

 Very fast and nice! The tutorial is well done. Thanks so much ******************* 

 Great pattern, clearly written and easy to follow. My hands are looking forward to a pair of cozy wool mittens! 

 Great pattern. Easy to follow. Both my kids are excited about their new mittens :)

 Started making them last night, can't wait for winter? Well, ok, I can. Thanks for a great pattern and instant download is a plus!
 The pattern for these mittens can be found in my Craftsy shop or Etsy shop.

Here are a few other posts related to making things with sweaters that you may be interested in.


Let me know if you have tried one of these patterns and maybe even send a photo of your mittens.  We would love to see.  It is so fun to see what everyone comes up with.  There is no limit to what you CAN create!

Have fun sewing and keep warm!


  1. I love your slipper boot pattern... I've made 12 pair! I'm excited to try out the mittens too!

  2. AWESOME! Thanks for taking time to post! Your coupon code has been sent to your email.


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